Service Blueprinting

Service Blueprinting

Service Blueprinting is the process of mapping out all the activities involved in the delivery of a service. This encompasses mapping a series of staff actions to every customer action, in order to achieve the desired outcome for the customer.

This blueprint once established can enable your organisation to optimise service delivery, reduce associated costs and improve both customer and staff engagement.

Bullseye CX can help your organisation create comprehensive service blueprints for each customer touchpoint that can facilitate the smooth delivery of a positive customer experience.

Benefits of Service Blueprinting

Service Blueprints act as a template for any activities staff need to carry out in order to fulfill service delivery. It also establishes the responsibility of each team member and removes any ambiguity, hence creating increase accountability.

How It Works

Service Blueprinting considers all possible customer actions across the various touch points they may encounter, and allocates:

  • Appearance and ambience of the location
  • Appearance of staff
  • Customer facing staff actions
  • Back-of-house staff actions
  • Any resources required in order to fulfill a service

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping, a key component of Service Blueprinting, is the process or mapping out all the decisions that the customer may make at each touchpoint, as they try to achieve their desired outcome from a service.

This process allows organisations to establish SOPs to manage any possible customer decision and minimise the risk of unsatisfactory service.

A good customer journey map feeds into the service blueprint to bring consistency into service delivery and increase the positive interactions customers have during service delivery, resulting in repeat visitation or purchase.


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