Overcoming the Great Resignation in an Industry

A Program for your Industry to Future-Proof Employee Acquisition, Engagement and Retention

Observed Staffing Challenges in an Industry

Finding and keeping the right staff is a modern challenge that is affecting many organization’s financial performance and viability. 

There is no evidence to suggest that these industry challenges will disappear soon. The employee situation with organizations can be summarised as:

  • Lack of sufficient staff numbers is negatively impacting many organization’s ability to trade
  • Many skilled staff that were furloughed during shutdowns have not returned
  • Newly acquired staff are under skilled and have no aspirations to make it a career in the industry
  • Many resigning staff comment that their industry’s work provides a poor work – life balance
  • Other industries have developed work-from-home options, which the employees find attractive
  • Mental health has become a pressing issue among current employees as well as among those looking to join the industry
  • The recruitment pool for new staff is getting smaller, thanks to people upskilling and joining other industries, and lack of access to foreign students in the tertiary sector

An Industry Specific Solution That Deals with the Staffing Challenge

PEPWEER (Program for Employee Proposition, Wellbeing, Experience, Engagement and Retention) is uniquely designed to successfully surmount employee-related challenges in an industry.
This comprehensive program includes developing:

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a statement that articulates the balance of rewards and benefits that a business promises its employees, in return for delivering the expected performance within the workplace. A persuasive EVP attracts quality employees and enhances employee retention.
  • Employee Wellbeing program is crucial for employee health as well as retention. The wellbeing program needs to be grounded in employees’ needs and expectations, and should be periodically monitored to ensure that it is in synch with the employees’ workplace reality.
  • Employee Engagement needs more attention than ever before. It is not possible to offer a good customer experience with less than engaged employees. Proven initiatives, based on our previous experience and published research, to enhance employee engagement will be implemented and continuously assessed for their relevance and impact.
  • Employee Experience needs to be carefully crafted and regularly assessed. At a time when employees have multiple job opportunities, it is incumbent upon businesses to provide their workforce with an experience that employees will value. A superior employee experience translates into higher level of employee retention and a better customer experience.

Business Performance Benefits 

Organizations with the ability to acquire the right staff, and keep the staff satisfied and engaged, will enjoy superior financial performance. The financial benefits are delivered by way of:
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Lower new employee onboarding costs
  • Reduced training costs
  • Recruiting more suitable and productive employees capable of providing better service
  • Building and maintaining corporate intelligence
  • Improved staff satisfaction, resulting in increased customer experience, which in turn drives increased revenue
  • Future proofing staffing challenges in a fast changing world
  • Insuring that the business is able to stay open at all times while offering full services

Learn More

To better appreciate the staffing crisis faced by business, you can read this article in Asia Gaming Brief, authored by Mr. Brett Jones.

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