DWBI Roadmap

DWBI Roadmap

Research by Garnter has shown that between 70 to 80 percent of business intelligence initiatives fail. These failures can occur due to a combination of many factors, some of which include: 

  • Poor conceptualisation
  • Trying to accomplish too much too quickly 
  • Inability to find a solution that fits a given budget restriction 
  • Poor scoping/planning 
  • Poor implementation 
  • Lack of skills to maintain DWBI

We have identified that misalignment in the very early stages of articulating the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence objectives can lead to significantly bigger misalignments through implementation and scaling.

Bullseye CX can help alleviate many of the hurdles your organisation may face during the process of setting up a reliable, scalable Data warehouse, leading to a successful full-fledged BI implementation.

The Bullseye CX DWBI Roadmap breaks down several barriers to getting you started with your Data Warehousing goals. Using a proven framework, Bullseye CX helps you identify and articulate exactly what you require, in terms of infrastructure, skills, processes and even capital to successfully design and implement a suitable data warehouse that is functional and relevant to your organisation.

With this in mind, Bullseye CX has designed a framework for Data warehousing ideation, which stems from clearly identifying and articulating the true requirements of your organisation, and providing you with a path forward. We remove the guess work involved and create a structured approach to not only identifying and addressing your data warehousing needs, but also how Bullseye CX can partner with you to implement and maintain your data warehouse.

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