Market Research

Market Research

In order to keep pace with the ever-changing business environment, both internal and external, it is vital to keep your organisation abreast with the latest trends and forecasts. With this in mind, Bullseye CX has developed various market research instruments that can help your organisation understand your customers, employees and the industry with useful and actionable insights.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are a powerful instrument in understanding how customers perceive your business and the quality of service provided. These surveys provide empirical evidence into their views and allow your organization to address areas of concern that may otherwise go unchanged. They allow for goals to be established for the level of satisfaction in each specific area covered, to help your organization improve processes and customer engagement.

Over time, with regular surveys, trends can be established, and any corrective actions measured for effectiveness.

Knowing your customer is one of the first and most important steps towards providing them with a positive experience and encouraging repeat purchase or visitation.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Understanding the engagement of your employees is critical to the overall health of your business. In order to do so, employees need to be provided a non-biased, anonymised means of expressing their job satisfaction in order to garner a true understanding of their opinion of the organization.

The Employee Engagement Survey designed by Bullseye CX provides a non-partisan survey instrument that can reveal the true sentiment your employees have across various functions. This enables you to establish benchmarks to improve engagement in those areas where it is lacking.

By regularly administering this survey, you can gain insights into trends and the effectiveness of corrective measures implemented.

Some of the direct benefits of understanding your employees is that is gives you the opportunity to build loyalty, reduce employee churn and improve customer service quality, with direct and positive impacts to top and bottom-line performance.

Industry Reports

Bullseye CX Industry reports can help your business benchmark its performance across key areas against industry averages. A powerful tool, Bullseye CX’s reports provide key trends and insights into customer and member behaviour, changes in preferences and employee engagement. These reports include industry SWOT analyses to help your organisation be better prepared for new, disruptive forms of competition and prove an overall outlook for the entire industry.

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